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Complex European regulations, introduction of the United Custom Code (UCC) in place of the CDW, all matters that an importer has to deal with when importing goods from outside the EU. Fidocs can completely disregard the handling of Customs documentation. Fidocs has the option to provide you with import declarations, import duties and VAT for you and, if you wish, to act as Limited Tax Representative for outside and Europe-based companies.

Because doing a proper Customs declaration can be a complex matter, we would like to provide you with more information that matches your imported products and activities.


To export goods outside the EU, a customs export declaration must be made.

Fidocs has the license to offer your declaration digitally to the Customs. Withdrawal times are limited and, as a customer, you receive a digital copy in your mailbox after acceptance of the Customs declaration. A web application developed by Fidocs makes it easy for you to send your instructions. This allows us to take your export declaration at a competitive rate.


On goods that enter the European Union, rights are in principle due. Because it is not always desirable to import the goods within the EU, it consists of transporting the goods to a customs warehouse within the EU. This transport takes place under cover of a Transit document (T1 / T2). Fidocs has the permission to create and handle these Customs documents.

If goods are stored in a customs warehouse, this can give you a financial benefit because you do not have to pay the import duties right away. Goods are imported when you wish to transport to a destination within or outside the EU. In conjunction with a warehouse C license you can leave customs goods in storage.

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