About Kevin

In 2011, during my graduation at the Rotterdam High School, I increased my interest in customs formalities and legislation. Because I wanted to gain experience, I first worked with major players in the international logistics market. Then it became time for something else: Fidocs B.V.

“Having obtained HBO Logistics and Economics, Assistant declarant, Declarant and years of experience as a freight forward, we can now distinguish ourselves in the market. Fidocs can dispose of SMEs in customs clearance. ”

As founder of Fidocs B.V. I am always looking for new opportunities and customers which we can help with, for example, a customs or customs document. In addition to making the correct customs documents for import and export shipments, we can also make certificates and certificates of origin.

Besides the work, I also have free time, which I like to share with a tennis, movie or series of games.

You can reach me at: 085-2737268


About Martijn

In 2010, I started working in logistics, where my focus was not directly on customs. In the course of time, I have slowly gained insight into the topic and with the help of my manager, who had worked for customs for many years, also actually started customs work. This suited me to this new challenge: Fidocs B.V.

My goal is to relieve SME businesses in the customs area. “Let’s do that, and you can go on business.” This is facilitated by my experience as a declarant and the Assistant Declarant and Declarant training courses both completed.

In addition to my work, I would like to play a game of football or have a nice meal.

I can be reached on 085-2737268