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F.I.T.S. Logistics is a logistics service provider with a diverse customer package, which makes customs declarations diverse and knowledgeable by the declarant. F.I.T.S. Logistics has founded Fidocs B.V. immediately decided to provide the complete customs clearance by Fidocs B.V.


Base Logistics and Fidocs B.V. jointly hit hands in 2016. Fidocs B.V. will provide a large part of Customs Documentation for Base Logistics in 2016. Certificates of Origin and Performance as Limited Tax Representative are activities where Fidocs B.V. in 2016 for Base Logistics will be and will be. Both parties are confident that this cooperation will provide an even stronger service, both in terms of knowledge, speed and volume.


Triton Shipping, a shipping supplier specializing in shipwrecking boats, has long been in need of a warehouse license. Fidocs B.V. was able to respond promptly to Triton’s need and provided for the request. A few weeks later, the customs were on the table and the license was promised by the end of 2015.

Bring cargo has been using Fidocs BV since early 2017 to carry out a large part of the customs clearance. The cargoes to and from Norway are accompanied by AGS or NCTS documentation by Fidocs BV.