Customs Urgent Response Team

The Customs Urgent Response Team

Whether it’s just not clear, too much or you need a specialist to look at and solve your customs business, we’re ready for it.

I’m “the other” Vincent.

creating my magic on the IT canvas

Call me Michelle

I love to knock it out of the ring when it’s about AEO, Permits and Procedures 

My name is Stefen

if you need help with general cargo declarations 

Martijn is the name

always happy to get my teeth into planning the daily workflow and Import in the EU

I’m Manon

figuring out General cargo declarations is my terrain

Hi I’m Erik

love putting my knowledge into the export declarations

Roos that’s me

I’m the one to go to for Certificates of origin and EUR 1 certificates

Jaimy-Lee that’s me!

And see, with general cargo declaration issues you come to me.

I’m Kevin

you can wake me up for Limited Fiscal representation and the daily coaching of the team.